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Financial Filing Requirements

Forms: It is the responsibility of the candidate to file a complete and accurate financial statement on time in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act

All nominated candidates, including those not elected, those who withdrew their nomination or those whose nomination was rejected by the clerk, must disclose and report their contributions and expenses using the prescribed form (Form 4), no later than March 25, 2011 at 2 pm.

For detailed information relating to financial responsibilities, campaign contributions, campain expenses, and financial reporting , candidates should consult the Candidates Handbook and the Municipal Elections Act.

Candidates who do not file a financial statement by the deadline forfeit any office to which they have been elected, and are ineligible to run in the next election. MEA 80(2)

A candidate requiring an extension to the filing deadline must apply to the Ontario Court of Justice prior to March 25, 2011. The court may grant an extension of up to 90 days.

A candidate who incurs expenses related to a recount, an application for a controverted election or a compliance audit after June 30, 2011 may not re-open their campaign but may apply to the clerk for the release of the surplus funds held in trust on the candidate's behalf. The surplus funds may be used only for those purposes. A candidate who has received their surplus from the clerk after June 30, 2011 must file a financial report (Form 5) every 90 days until;
  • the surplus is exhausted
  • no further eligible expenses are incurred or
  • the candidate indicates that they will no longer be using the surplus funds.
Any surplus funds remaining must be returned to the clerk, along with a final report on how the funds were spent.

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